RSVP Results

Listed below are the results of the Troop activity reservations:.

ID Name Event NumberAttending Driving Seats Notes
No records returned.
NameEventNumber AttendingDrivingSeatsComments
Mr. LinkApril - PaintBall2Yes5
Massey, KnoxApril - PaintBallNo
Park, DuncanApril - PaintBall0Nohope to carpool with other scouts
Link, SeanApril - PaintBall1No
kemeny, stevenApril - PaintBall1NoI will meet the troop at the field
Neville, TylerApril - PaintBall1
Howell, BarrettApril - PaintBall1Yes
Link, SeanJuly - Summer Camp1No254695
Jones, ConnorApril - PaintBall2Yes5
Eckardt, DavisApril - PaintBall2Yes5
Bohannon, TreyJuly - Summer Camp1No
Boutte, MatthewApril - PaintBall1No
Marino, WilliamApril - PaintBall1Yes
Marino, WilliamMay - Shotgun Court of Honor2Yes4
Black,SandersApril - PaintBall1No
Massey, KnoxApril - PaintBall1No
Massey, KnoxApril - PaintBall1No
Lummus, FrankApril - PaintBall1No
Feinour GusJuly - Summer Camp1No
Izard, MackApril First Class SwimmingYes3
Izard, DavidApril First Class SwimmingNo
Izard, DavidMay - Shotgun Court of Honor2Yes3
Izard, MackMay - Shotgun Court of Honor2Yes3
Feinour GusApril First Class Swimming1No
Borden, JacksonApril First Class Swimming1No
Aiden Hammond1NoAiden Hammond would like to participate in the Paintball if not too late.
Alexander1NoAlexander would also like to participate in the Paintball this Saturday if it is not too late to RSVP.
McDaniel, WilliamApril First Class Swimming1No
Davis BurchApril First Class Swimming1No
Lortz, JakeApril First Class Swimming1No
Fricke, JacksonApril First Class Swimming1No
Daniels, Lucas April First Class Swimming1No0
Daniels, Lucas July - Summer Camp1No
Hammond, AidenApril First Class Swimming1No
Hammond, AidenMay - Shotgun Court of Honor2Yes2Alexander and Aiden Hammond. I signed up Alexander separately.
Hammond, AlexanderMay - Shotgun Court of Honor1NoAiden signed up separately. Nicolas (Dad) coming.
HOWELL, BARRETTApril First Class Swimming1No
Zuch, AlexanderApril First Class Swimming1
July - Summer Camp
Connor JonesApril First Class Swimming1No
Cumbie, JackMay - Shotgun Court of Honor2Yes0
Cumbie, WillMay - Shotgun Court of Honor2Yes0
Burch, DavisMay - Shotgun Court of Honor2Yes4
Halter, PJMay - Shotgun Court of Honor2No
Jones, ConnorMay - Shotgun Court of Honor2Yes4
Harrison, WilMay - Shotgun Court of Honor3Yes8
Harrison, JamesMay - Shotgun Court of Honor3Yes8The 3 includes James, Wil and Bill.
Garrett, JakeMay - Shotgun Court of Honor2Yes2
Hammond, AidenMay - Shotgun Court of Honor3
Izard, DavidMay - Shotgun Court of Honor3Yes4
Izard, MackMay - Shotgun Court of Honor3Yes4
Bell, Samuel AmirMay - Shotgun Court of Honor3NoSee you on Sunday
LaScala, Lucien May - Shotgun Court of Honor1
Strickland, RobertMay - Shotgun Court of Honor2NoSounds like great fun.
HOWELL, BARRETTMay - Shotgun Court of Honor1NoBarrett will be riding with Justin Novellas to and from the event.
Daniels, Lucas May - Shotgun Court of Honor2Yes4
Neville, TylerMay - Shotgun Court of Honor1No
burch, davisMay - Shotgun Court of Honor2Yes4
Kim, PaulMay - Shotgun Court of Honor2Yes6
Massey, KnoxMay - Shotgun Court of Honor2NoWe plan to bring our own guns, my dad will not be able to carry other socuts, though he will be driving.
Black,SandersMay - Shotgun Court of Honor2Yes3
Hunter FankhauserMay - Shotgun Court of Honor2NoHunters parents will be out of town this weekend. I will either find a ride for him or I have marked for two people so that his sitter can bring him.
LaScala, LucienMay - Shotgun Court of Honor2Yes5
Schmersal, WillMay - Shotgun Court of Honor2We may have space for others. Trying to work through family logistics.
Allen, JeremiahMay - Shotgun Court of Honor1No
Atwater, EverettMay - Shotgun Court of Honor2Yes4
Ferrara, EmilioMay - Shotgun Court of Honor5No7
Lortz, JakeMay - Shotgun Court of Honor2Yes5
McDaniel, William May - Shotgun Court of Honor2Not sure if can drive others at this time
Novellas, JustinMay - Shotgun Court of Honor2Yes4Barrett Howell is riding with us
Johnson, AidanMay - Shotgun Court of Honor1No
Borden, JacksonMay - Shotgun Court of Honor3Yes5
Davis EckardtMay - Shotgun Court of Honor4No
Van Winkle, FritzMay - Shotgun Court of Honor2Yes2
Wolle, JonathanMay - Shotgun Court of Honor1No
Black, SandersMay - Shotgun Court of Honor2Yes3
Suber AmirMay - Shotgun Court of Honor3Yes8
Jack Googe5No5
Lummus, FrankMay - Shotgun Court of Honor2Yes7
Harrison, JamesJuly - Summer Camp1I need to withdraw James from summer camp at Ravin Knob. Sorry.
Feinour, GusJuly - Summer Camp1No

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