RSVP Results

Listed below are the results of the Troop activity reservations:.

ID Name Event NumberAttending Driving Seats Notes
No records returned.
NameEventNumber AttendingDrivingSeatsComments
Kevin LinkOctober Family Camping Weekend0No0
Bradbury, TommyOctober Family Camping Weekend1NoTommy will attend with Jackson and Tom Fricke.
Fricke, JacksonOctober Family Camping Weekend2Yes5Driving Tommy Bradbury, 2 more seats available. Leaving at 1:30 Saturday.
Feinour, GusOctober Family Camping Weekend1No0
Burch, DavisOctober Family Camping Weekend2No
Ferrara, Luke2No
Cumbie, Jack October Family Camping Weekend1
Cumbie, Will October Family Camping Weekend2No
Camillo, Aiden and AlexOctober Family Camping Weekend3Yes54 seats filled already
Garrett JakeOctober Family Camping Weekend2Yes2Joe and Jake will pull the trailer to and fro.
Jack Googe5Nodriving family
McDaniel, William December Advancement Weekend1NoSeth may be able to come. Is too early for him to know at this point however
McDaniel, William October Family Camping Weekend1NoWilliam will be driving to and from with the R
Daniels, LucasOctober Family Camping Weekend2No
Howell, BarrettOctober Family Camping Weekend2Yes6
Strickland, RobertOctober Family Camping Weekend2Yes6
Black,SandersOctober Family Camping Weekend2Yes5
David IzardOctober Family Camping Weekend4Yes2My father Bailey will be coming and bringing my 3 brothers Mack, George and James
Suber, AmirOctober Family Camping Weekend2NoWill come up after XC meet.
LaScala, LucienOctober Family Camping Weekend1Yes6
Evan Collier2Yes2Not sure exact time we will leave
Schmersal, willOctober Family Camping Weekend2NoWe will be there as soon as we can following cross country meet on Carrollton
Borden, JacksonOctober Family Camping Weekend2Yes4
Black, SandersOctober Family Camping Weekend2No5
Hammond, AidenOctober Family Camping Weekend3Yes1Aiden Hammond, Alexander Hammond, + Dad (Nicolas) are coming
David EckardtOctober Family Camping Weekend3No
David EckardtOctober Family Camping Weekend3No
Davis EckardtOctober Family Camping Weekend3No
Izard, MackDecember Advancement Weekend4Yes2
Lathi,ByronDecember Advancement Weekend1No
Blaise AchecarDecember Advancement Weekend1No
Fricke, JacksonDecember Advancement Weekend1No
Emilio Ferrara December Advancement Weekend2No
Luke Ferrara December Advancement Weekend2No
Atwater, EverettNovember Backpacking Trip1No0
Black,SandersNovember Backpacking Trip1
Lathi,ByronNovember Backpacking Trip1No
Mcdaniel, William November Backpacking Trip0NoI will let you know if Seth is able to attend. He is out of town at the moment
Mulcahy, J.T.November Backpacking Trip2Yes4
Wright, Randy (ADULT)November Backpacking Trip1No4
Suber AmirNovember Backpacking Trip1No
Page, Hayden November Backpacking Trip1NoDad will be studying hard at Wilderness First Aid course
Wolle, Jonathan November Backpacking Trip1No
Justin NovellasNovember Backpacking Trip2Yes3
SchmersalNovember Backpacking Trip2Yes2
Massey, KnoxNovember Backpacking Trip1No
Hammond, AlexanderNovember Backpacking Trip1No
Kim, PaulNovember Backpacking Trip1No
Cumbie, Jack and WillNovember Backpacking Trip3Yes4
Davis EckardtNovember Backpacking Trip2Yes4
Marino, WilliamNovember Backpacking Trip1NoMike is not going on the hike but is available to drive Scouts if you need him.
McDaniel, William November Backpacking Trip0NoWilliam is now unable to attend
Lummus, FrankNovember Backpacking Trip2Yes5
Harrison, WilNovember Backpacking Trip1NoWil can drive if needed
Izard, MackNovember Backpacking Trip2Yes5
Izard, DavidNovember Backpacking Trip2Yes5
Lusk, WillNovember Backpacking Trip2Yes4
Googe, JackNovember Backpacking Trip2Yes5
Stimmel, CmacNovember Backpacking Trip1No
Stimmel, CmacJuly - Summer Camp1No
Stimmel, Cmac December Advancement Weekend1No
Ellis, NedNovember Backpacking Trip2Yes4
Ferrara, EmilioDecember Advancement Weekend1Nowill come after basketball
Ferrara, LukeDecember Advancement Weekend1No
Aiden CamilloDecember Advancement Weekend2No
Camillo, AlexDecember Advancement Weekend2No
AllenDecember Advancement Weekend1No
Bradbury, TommyDecember Advancement Weekend1No
Howell, BarrettDecember Advancement Weekend1No
Wolle, AlexanderDecember Advancement Weekend1No
Wolle, JonathanDecember Advancement Weekend1No
Garrett, Jake2Yes2Joe Garrett with Jake. Will pull trailer.
Jack Googe2No0
Feinour, GusDecember Advancement Weekend1No
Collier, EvanDecember Advancement Weekend2Yes5Dad TC is taking Evan and stepson Hunter Fankhauser
Hayden page December Advancement Weekend1No
Connor JonesDecember Advancement Weekend1No
Burch, DavisDecember Advancement Weekend1No
Izard, David3YesBailey, David and Mack Izard likely driving down Friday to get ready. Others wishing to join us on advance team are welcome. Willing to accept shopping assignments.
Lucien LaScalaDecember Advancement Weekend1No
Massey, KnoxDecember Advancement Weekend1NoHelping with buying food, but I am going to the full campout.
Mulcahy, JTDecember Advancement Weekend1No
Atwater, EverettDecember Advancement Weekend1No
Borden, JacksonDecember Advancement Weekend1NoI will be coming late. See email
Daniels, LucasDecember Advancement Weekend2Yes4
Cumbie, WillDecember Advancement Weekend1No
Cumbie, JackDecember Advancement Weekend2Yes0We
Daniels, LucasDecember Advancement Weekend2Yes
Black, SandersDecember Advancement Weekend2Yes4
Suber AmirDecember Advancement Weekend1No0
Cumbie, JackDecember Advancement Weekend2Yes0We
Eckardt, Davis2Yes4837090
Eckardt, DavisDecember Advancement Weekend2Yes4
Novellas, JustinDecember Advancement Weekend1No
Marino, WilliamDecember Advancement Weekend1No
Stimmel, CMACJuly - Summer Camp1No
Neville, TylerDecember Advancement Weekend1YesThis is for the January AT Hike
Wolle, JonathanJanuary Backpacking Trip1No
Suber, AmirJanuary Backpacking Trip1No
Atwater, EverettJanuary Backpacking Trip1No0
Kim, PaulJanuary Backpacking Trip1No837090
Lathi, ByronJanuary Backpacking Trip1No
Massey, KnoxJanuary Backpacking Trip1No
Googe, JackJanuary Backpacking Trip2Yes5
Neville, TylerJanuary Backpacking Trip1No
Eckardt, DavisJanuary Backpacking Trip2Yes2
Randy WrightJanuary Backpacking Trip1No
Harrison, Wil1No6Wil can drive his Toyota Landcruiser if that is allowed
ferrara,emilioJanuary Backpacking Trip1No
Cumbie, JackJanuary Backpacking Trip2Yes3
Roesel, GarrettFebruary Advancement Weekend1No
Ferrara, EmilioFebruary Advancement Weekend1NoIf needed dad can drive. He is going to pick Emilio up around 3:00 on Saturday
Jack GoogeFebruary Advancement Weekend2Yes5
Camillo, AlexFebruary Advancement Weekend3Yes2driving saturday am but returning saturday pm
Camillo, AidenFebruary Advancement Weekend3Yes
Lummus, BrennanFebruary Advancement Weekend2Yes4
Bradbury, tommyFebruary Advancement Weekend2Yes4Tom will need to leave very early Sunday morning, so can drive therenot back to
Brady RackleyFebruary Advancement Weekend2YesTripp is planning to drive but will be leaving early Sunday morning. Brady may need a ride home with another scout.
Karem, WillFebruary Advancement Weekend2Yes5
Chen, NoahFebruary Advancement Weekend2Yes3
Black, SandersFebruary Advancement Weekend2Yes6I am pulling trailer
Wilkerson, AndrewFebruary Advancement Weekend1NoI can drive if needed. Leah
Izard, David
Izard, GeorgeFebruary Advancement Weekend2No0My brother David will drive Mack and me.
Izard, MackFebruary Advancement Weekend2NoDavid Izard is driving.
Izard, DavidFebruary Advancement Weekend2NoI can drive my brothers Mack and David
Boutte, MatthewFebruary Advancement Weekend1No0
Luca CousinsFebruary Advancement Weekend1NoThank you!
Marino, William February Advancement Weekend1No
Atwater, EverettFebruary Advancement Weekend1No
Graham, LukeFebruary Advancement Weekend1No
Eckardt, Davis February Advancement Weekend2Yes4
Wolle, XanderFebruary Advancement Weekend1Yes1I can only take myself
Eckardt, Davis February Advancement Weekend2Yes4
Johnson, Marshall February Advancement Weekend1No
Camillo, AlexJuly - Summer Camp2No
Camillo, AidenJuly - Summer Camp2No
Kent MorganMarch Camporee1No
Johnson, Marshall March Camporee1Father may attend, will know closer to date.
Johnson, Marshall April Backpacking Trip1No
Johnson, Marshall May Event1No
Camillo, AlexMarch Camporee2No
Camillo, AidenMarch Camporee2
Howell, BarrettMarch Camporee2Yes3Possibility that the 2 Barretts will NOT be returning to Atlanta after the camporee
Wolle, JonathanMarch Camporee1No
Pope, CooperJuly - Summer Camp1No
Degenkolb, HoltMarch Camporee2Yes5
Degenkolb, HoltJuly - Summer Camp1No
Burch, DavisMarch Camporee1No
Burch, DavisApril Backpacking Trip2Yes5
Wilkerson, AndrewMarch Camporee2Yes6
Wilkerson, AndrewJuly - Summer Camp1No
Rackley, BradyJuly - Summer Camp1No
Rackley, BradyMarch Camporee1Yes5
Stukes, Sadler July - Summer Camp1No
Roesel, GarrettApril Backpacking Trip1No
Roesel, GarrettJuly - Summer Camp1No
Stimmel, WilliamJuly - Summer Camp1No
Will SchmersalMarch Philmont Backpacking2Yes4
Bradbury, TommyJuly - Summer Camp1No
Bradbury, TommyMarch Camporee1No
Neville, TylerJuly - Summer Camp1No
Borden, JacksonJuly - Summer Camp1NoMailed form and check today
Page,Hayden March Philmont Backpacking2Yes5
Suber AmirMarch Philmont Backpacking1No
Rackley, BradyMarch CamporeeBrady is unable to go to the camporee.
Bell, Amir2Yes1
Degenkolb, HoltMarch CamporeeNoHolt will not be able to attend the March Camporee
Massey, KnoxMarch Philmont Backpacking1NoI will be arriving late due to a lacrosse game in the morning that begins at 10 AM.
Stimmel, CmacMarch Philmont Backpacking1No
William, HenryMarch Camporee2Yes4
Stimmel, WilliamMarch Camporee2Yes
Stimmel, CMACApril Backpacking Trip1No
Stimmel, WilliamApril Backpacking Trip2Yes4
Stimmel, HenryApril Backpacking Trip3Yes1
Stimmel, WilliamJuly - Summer Camp1No
Stimmel, HenryJuly - Summer Camp1No
Stimmel, CmacJuly - Summer Camp1No
Stimmel, CmacMay Court of Honor1No
Stimmel, WilliamMay Court of Honor1No
Stimmel, HenryMay Court of Honor1No
Wolle, JonathanMarch Camporee1No
Cumbie, RobertMarch Philmont Backpacking2Yes4
Black, SandersMarch Philmont Backpacking1Yes3
Burch, DavisJuly - Summer Camp1No
Fricke, JacksonApril Backpacking Trip2Yes5
Feinour, GusMarch Camporee1No
Lusk, WilliamMarch Camporee1No
Eckardt, DavidMarch Philmont Backpacking1Yes4Davis cannot attend due to track meet. David will attend
Trey BohannonMarch Philmont Backpacking2Yes2
Burch, DavisJuly - Summer Camp1No
Ferrara, Emilio2NoEmilio will come after Lacrosse game - Dad will pick up for baseball game at 7p
Ferrara, Luke2NoDad will pick up, baseball game at 7p
Ferrara, LukeJuly - Summer Camp2No
Ferrara, EmilioJuly - Summer Camp2No
Wolle, JonathanJuly - Summer Camp1No
Ellis NedApril Backpacking Trip2Yes2
Evan CollierJuly - Summer Camp2No
Hunter FankhauserJuly - Summer Camp2No0
ssdvdSwimming Requirements1No0sdcd
Kevin LinkSwimming Requirements1No0
Degenkolb, HoltSwimming Requirements1No0
Pope, CooperSwimming Requirements1No0
Karem, WillApril Backpacking Trip2Yes5
Karem, WillSwimming Requirements1No0
Roesel, arrettSwimming Requirements1No0
Burch, DavisApril Backpacking Trip2Yes5
Bradbury, TommySwimming Requirements1No0
Chen, NoahSwimming Requirements1No0
Rackley, BradySwimming Requirements1No0
Wilkerson, AndrewSwimming Requirements1No0
Eiland, JoshuaApril Backpacking Trip2Yes6
Izard, George,Swimming Requirements2Yes0
Izard, DavidSwimming Requirements2Yes0
Izard, MackSwimming Requirements2Yes0
Izard, George,April Backpacking Trip2Yes0David Izard is driving.
Izard, MackApril Backpacking Trip2Yes0My brother David will drive George and me
Izard, DavidApril Backpacking Trip2Yes0I will drive
Izard, George,July - Summer Camp2Yes0David driving
Izard, MackJuly - Summer Camp2Yes0
Izard, DavidJuly - Summer Camp2Yes0
Stukes, Sadler Swimming Requirements1No0
Izard. DavidMay Event1Yes0
Johnson, Marshall Swimming Requirements1No0
Johnson, Marshall April Backpacking Trip1No0
Johnson, Marshall May Event1No0
Friedman, SpenceJuly - Summer Camp1No0837090
Lummus, BrennanSwimming Requirements1No0THANK YOU!
Kevin LinkSwimming Requirements1No0
Black, SandersJuly - Summer Camp1No0
Wolle, AlexanderApril Backpacking Trip2No0
Wolle, JonathanApril Backpacking Trip1No0
Morgan, KentSwimming Requirements1No0Not sure if RSVP is closed for this Event?
ferrara, lukeSwimming Requirements1No0
Graham, LikeSwimming Requirements1No0
Graham, LikeJuly - Summer Camp1No0
Lathi, ByronSwimming Requirements1No0
Lathi, AmyApril Backpacking Trip1No0
Ben TuckerSwimming Requirements1No0
McDaniel, WilliamApril Backpacking Trip1No0
McDaniel, William July - Summer Camp1No0
LaScala, LucienSwimming Requirements1No0
Wolle, AlexanderApril Backpacking Trip2No0
burch, davisApril Backpacking Trip2Yes4
Pope, CooperApril Backpacking Trip2No0Dad driving, but no extra seats
Barrett HowellApril Backpacking Trip1No0
Bell, Samuel AmirApril Backpacking Trip2Yes1
Cumbie, WillApril Backpacking Trip2Yes4
Jack GoogeApril Backpacking Trip2No5837090
Izard, GeorgeApril Backpacking Trip1No0
Hammond, AlexanderApril Backpacking Trip1No0
Googe, JackApril Backpacking Trip2Yes5
Strickland, RobertApril Backpacking Trip1Yes3
Stimmel, CmacApril Backpacking Trip1Yes0
Stimmel, WilliamApril Backpacking Trip1Yes0
Stimmel, HenryApril Backpacking Trip1Yes0
Massey, KnoxApril Backpacking Trip1No0
Atwater, EverettApril Backpacking Trip1No0
Davis EckardtApril Backpacking Trip2Yes4
Kim, PaulApril Backpacking Trip1No0837090
Mulcahy, JTApril Backpacking Trip1No0
Feinour, Gus April Backpacking Trip1No0
Black,SandersApril Backpacking Trip1No0
Black,SandersJuly - Summer Camp1No0
Borden, JacksonApril Backpacking Trip1Yes0
Bohannon, TreyApril Backpacking Trip2Yes0Social event scheduled for Sunday afternoon
Lathi,ByronApril Backpacking Trip1No0
Lummus, FrankApril Backpacking Trip3Yes5
Lummus, BrennanApril Backpacking Trip3Yes5
Lummus, FrankJuly - Summer Camp3Yes5
Lummus, BrennanJuly - Summer Camp3Yes5
LaScala LucienApril Backpacking Trip2Yes7
LaScala LucienApril Backpacking Trip2Yes7
Camillo, AlexMay Court of Honor3Yes4
Camillo, AidenMay Court of Honor1Yes0
Bradbury, TommyMay Court of Honor3Yes4
Pope, CooperMay Court of Honor2Yes0Dad driving, but not able to take others.
Will KaremMay Court of Honor2Yes3I will bring 2 guns. A 20 ga and a 12 ga
Jones, ConnorMay Court of Honor2Yes4
Howell, BarrettMay Court of Honor2Yes4
Fricke, JacksonMay Court of Honor2Yes0
Johnson, MarshallMay Court of Honor2Yes2Please change number from earlier RSVP. Thanks!
Harrison, WilMay Court of Honor3No0The 3 includes James who also RSVPd Dont count twice
Harrison, JamesMay Court of Honor3No0
Izard, GeorgeMay Court of Honor3Yes2
Izard, MackMay Court of Honor3Yes2
Izard, DavidMay Court of Honor3Yes2
LaScala LucienMay Court of Honor2Yes5Sorry for the late RSVP.
Stukes, Sadler May Court of Honor2Yes0possibly carpooling with the Popes
Marino, WilliamMay Court of Honor2Yes5
Rackley, BradyMay Court of Honor3Yes5
Lusk, WilliamMay Court of Honor3No1
McDaniel , William May Court of Honor2Yes0
Borden, JacksonMay Court of Honor1No0I might come only to the dinner. and my dad might or might not drive me. Keep an extra seat for me.
Feinour, GusMay Court of Honor3Yes2
Van Winkle, FritzMay Court of Honor1Yes4Sorry We are late to RSVP
Roesel, StuartMay Court of Honor4Yes0
Massey, KnoxMay Court of Honor2No0
Jack GoogeMay Court of Honor2No0
Lummus, FrankMay Court of Honor3No0
Lummus, BrennanMay Court of Honor3No0
Andrew LinkMay Court of Honor4No0
Googe, JackMay Court of Honor2Yes5
Bell, Samuel AmirMay Court of Honor4No0
Cmac StimmelMay Court of Honor5No0
Black,SandersMay Court of Honor2No0
Justin NovellasMay Court of Honor2Yes0
Tucker, BenMay Court of Honor2Yes7
Mulcahy, J.T.May Court of Honor2No
Wolle, JonathanMay Court of Honor2Yes2

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